Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas day in France. I awoke with a mild hangover and showered. My day is pretty much planned out for me on these occasions with my first task of the day to go and buy the bread for the family meal. Je viens chercher la commande de M. Cluzel, M. Cluzel de La Serre. That, surprisingly went without a hitch. I phoned my dad, who was in church and had to leave to answer his phone and then I texted Joshie and spoke with his granny Mary. Seems like the journey for Bridget wasn't as smooth as it should have been and one could feel the tensions coming from the Simpkins household even before anyone had got up. Lunch is a massive affair, with aparatif being almost enough for a meal in its own right. This is followed by salad, frois gras for them meat eaters and then fish and fowl and cauliflower cheese for me. Then there was three deserts coffee. I'm fucked from eating half as much as anyone else and drinking even less. But it's all good. I'm now tired, really tired and I think I have a cough. More later.

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