Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Bang Day

I'm sure that today of all days must see me being offered a job or an interview at least. If the world can afford to spend �5Bn GBPs on firing lumps around a ring road in Switzerland surely they can throw a few quid my way. Maybe, if the world does begin to unravel they will want someone to help stop it from coming apart completely. I'm free now, if you'd like to send me a hefty retainer. I can easily forward my bank details and I'm happy to sit my the phone. I await your call.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another day

The clock is slowly clicking round to another day of wasted opportunities and failed applications. I seem to be occupying a space into between worlds where I'm constantly about to get the job of my dreams. Maybe tomorrow's experiment with the LHC in Cern will show me a dimension where I'm turning down jobs quicker than a once round the LHC?

jobsworth job hunting.

From other Blogs I've read looking for work on the internet is about as successful as pushing at a door that pulls.  Every morning I get up and I go to my computer and read helpful job descriptions that I just know I can do and send of the relevant CV and covering letter filled with all manner of lies, and then, I wait. And I wait, and I wait.  Nothing much seems to happen. I refresh my inbox, I check my mailbox, I look through other internet sites for jobs, I eat and I fret.
Life used to be so much easier 20 years ago the last time I was without work. You looked in the papers or you went to the job centre and got a phone number that you called and arranged an interview and then, if they liked you, you worked.  Today its all different.  Today you could run out of the will to live simply waiting for the first response to come back.  I saw an agency today who said, 'don't worry if  you don't hear anything for a couple of weeks.' A couple of weeks! I might have starved to death by then.  And the job centres, have you seen them? They're robotic now. People lead you to a machine that throws out pieces of paper at you. No friendly advice, no 'I'll call them for you and arrange an interview.' Its all gone mad.