Thursday, January 1, 2015

So I suppose it's on days like this that one does the inevitable; writes down loads of shitty things that they are never going to be able to achieve, like giving up smoking, drinking, eating, fatting, farting and a million other present participles. Few succeed which in its own right is not that surprising as we all wish we were better by shedding off those things we perceive as being contrary to our perfect selfs. Personally I would like to spend more time sitting - as in meditating as I feel that this is one of the major areas of my life that I neglect to my detriment, and interestingly I think that this would enable me to do that other thing that I simply don't do enough of which is in being reflective. We run through life one way, forward, we hustle, we bustle and we move forward in time. The traffic goes past us as we move along the streets and it's gone. My journey on an almost daily basis takes me from here, home, along the Brixton Road to Brixton Tube station and down it's wide mouthed entrance onto a choice of two platforms. They both go in the same direction - North, and I sit in one of two carriages that will allow me access to the Northern Line simply by going across the platform at Euston. At Camden I generally get off and out, and walk from there to Belsize Park, stopping most often for coffee at Tower 47 in the Chalk Farm Road. I hardly ever think about this, about what it means, about what it says about me and what I do. I just hustle through to the next thing and the next and the next. What's suddenly given me pause for thought is that I've now been doing this for more than a year, a whole year of walking, sitting, tubing and drinking coffee day after day after day. If it hand been filmed and speeded up one would get a slightly jittery film of a person performing a repetitive act through a landscape of differing weathers being completely ignorant of everything but the next step including the last.

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