Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Another day, another dollar in debt - as the expression goes. Work is what work is these days - a lot of nonsense but the important thing that happened today was that I had to attend a meeting of the erstwhile TA of Myatts Field South to discuss. This was, according to the agenda to discuss the letter from Councillor Matthew Bennett that outlines that the communal heating that we kind of enjoy is about to be switched off in June. Kate Hoey was there but I'm not sure why and there was an awful lot of nonsense spoken. It did transpire that the cheapest option - in terms of lifecycle - would be to have a communal heating system but that ain't going to happen. It looks very likely that we need to be on the ball and have a combi boiler fitted as soon as possible. That means being ahead of the curve and getting it done quickly.

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