Sunday, February 26, 2012

Being Unemployed

This is currently my third bout of unemployedness in the last 4 years. I had two months in 2008, six months in 2011 and so far 2 months in 2012. Not good.
I've had more than enough of dealing with recruiters who never seem to do anything that they say they're going to do; like for example call you back. They have such lame excuses that I've lost complete faith in them and now only look for roles that are done directly through companies. This is a new move and I haven't had any feedback yet but I'm working on it.
There simply has to be a better way of doing this stuff. I'm currently reading a book about Google and I'm filled with a sense that there are better ways of doing things other than the big business model; things that are almost spiritual. And I'm wondering if I shouldn't be applying some of the more esoteric practices that I use in my day to day life.
I should explain. In the mornings I meditate; a practice known as Vipassana that involves the practice of mindfulness. What this teaches us is that we have to be content with what is happening at the moment, not what it should be or was, but how it is at this moment, whether that be good, bad or plain indifferent. The Buddhist word for this is equanimity and is essential to good practice. Later in the day I practice a mixture of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates called Body Balance and then I go to the gym for an old fashioned round of running, jumping hoping and skiping with a collection of weights thrown in for good measure.
I wonder if this sounds familiar to others?
I also consult the I Ching with a general question about whether I'm to get work or not. Needless to say the answers are less than clear.
But, hey, as with the mindfulness I need to be equanimous; I don't have a job yet but I will have soon and its just something that is happening at the moment. I just need to relax and be ok about things as they are and not as I wish they were. As for the other stuff; it certainly beats sitting in front of the phone and waiting for it to ring.

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